Born in Wonder: Welcoming the Christ

We spend so much time preparing everything for the holidays, but do we prepare ourselves to celebrate the coming of the King at Christmas?

“Born in Wonder: Welcoming the Christ” explores the concept of the Messiah in the time of the prophets in ancient Israel. In the 21st century, believers and non-believers alike hear the word “messiah” and automatically think of Jesus; of course the Messiah would be the Son of God, would suffer and die and rise again. But the ancient Israelites expected someone quite different: a political savior, someone from the line of David to restore order and proper Temple worship. This Messiah did not come as a war hero, but as a baby born in total poverty and obscurity. The Promised of Nations came from a virgin, was placed in  a manger, in a town of little significance.

The birth of Christ is shrouded in mystery and to truly grasp his coming, we must allow ourselves to become fully immersed in that mystery. In the words of Professor John Senior, we must allow ourselves to be “reborn in wonder.”

Presentation: One session, approximately one hour.

Previous Locations:

November 28, 2016: Assumption Catholic Church in Coal City, Illinois

November 30, 2016: Saint Patrick Parish in Yorkville, Illinois.

December 12, 2017: Saint Paul the Apostle Parish in Gurnee, Illinois


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