Merry? | Christmas Homily 2017

The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us? The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. How strange. We have the disadvantage of being of this side of the story. For us, we hear "messiah" and we automatically think of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Obviously the messiah is the incarnate Son [...]

Six Months On: A Credo for an Ordinand

Something very strange is scheduled to happen just under six months from now: after seven years of seminary, and a lifetime of dreaming, I'll be ordained a priest. It is just now occurring to me that I should probably write someday about how I ended up in seminary. Today isn't that day. If you're really [...]

Esprit de Dieu, Souffle de Vie…

Most of you know by know how big of a Francophile I am, and I was delighted about a month ago to discover that the Emmanuel Community in France produces a daily email series called "Dieu avec Nous Aujourd'hui" (God with Us Today). Every day, they send the gospel reading for the day, a short [...]