April 7/8
Sunday, 8am: St. Patrick in Yorkville
10am: Sacred Heart

April 13/14 – Palm Sunday
Saturday, 8am: Cathedral
Sunday, 10am: Sacred Heart (Bishop Conlon presiding)

April 18-21 (Sacred Triduum and Easter)
Holy Thursday, 7pm: Cathedral (Bishop Conlon presiding, Fr. Ryan preaching)
Good Friday, 7pm: Sacred Heart
Holy Saturday, 8pm: Cathedral (BC presiding and preaching)
Easter Sunday, 10am: Sacred Heart

April 27/28
Sunday, 7:30am: Cathedral
9am: Cathedral

May 4/5
Saturday, 4pm: Confessions
5pm: Mass
Sunday, 10am: Sacred Heart



April 2019 Mission Dates

April 7-9
“Father, Forgive Them: Healing in the Church”
St. Paul the Apostle, St. Patrick, and Our Lady of Humility Catholic Churches
Missions at St. Patrick Church in Wadsworth, Illinois


Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonnatus

604 North Raynor Avenue
Joliet, Illinois



Sacred Heart Church

337 South Ottawa Street
Joliet, Illinois