A Nostalgic Struggle

I'm definitely a nostalgic person. For as long as I can remember, I've had a stellar memory and, like many people, small things trigger memories allowing me to "relive" (not in like a "That's So Raven" way but in a "I'm-a-grandpa-telling-war-stories kind of way) different events from the past in incredible detail. That's just how [...]

The true worshi…

The true worshiper of God and disciple of Christ, who desires to conform perfectly to the Savior of all men crucified for him, should, above all, strive with an earnest endeavor of soul to carry about continuously, both in his soul and in his flesh, the cross of Christ until he can truly feel in [...]

Facing Crisis: Introduction and Part One: Artificial Birth Control and Contraception

There comes a time in the course of the history of every institution and organization when it becomes vitally apparent that a defense or, at the very least, a suitable explanation of its doctrine must be concocted. Certainly, for many groups such as Roman Catholics, times such as these have come and gone throughout our [...]

I Am A Potato Chip.

One of the great honors I have had since the ripe young age of 10 is to serve during many Masses, namely at my home parish of St. Anne in Oswego but also, since being at North Central, at Ss. Peter and Paul in Naperville. Becoming a seminarian has certainly given me plenty of opportunities [...]