Holy Week and Easter Homilies 2021

Hi everyone! Happy Easter! He is risen, Alleluia!!

Jesus our Hope is risen from the dead! Alleluia!

This week, I’m sharing my homilies from Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday from the Cathedral of Saint Raymond in Joliet!

Here’s Holy Thursday. I’m including a PDF of the text this time since it’s a little long…… You can read it by clicking here.

You can read a really fascinating Apostolic Letter from Pope Francis issued just a few days ago to mark the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death by clicking here. It is called “Candor Lucis Aeternae”, “Splendor of light eternal.” This is the great contribution of Dante to the spiritual heritage of the Church: by telling his own story of the way he was called out of the darkness of sin and into the brilliance of life, and by telling the story of his own historical time in a critical and thoughtful – but not cynical or despairing – way, he was able to put the human longing for the splendor of eternal light into words (very compelling words, by the way). The Divine Comedy has moved hearts and fascinated brains for 700 years for a reason. If you haven’t read it, maybe this Easter season is the time. Send me an email if you want recommendations about which version to read.


Happy Easter, everyone! Jesus lives. Jesus is Lord. Jesus makes all things new. Because of his resurrection, all things are bearable. He is inviting you into a relationship of companionship and friendship. Jesus Christ proposes something truly great for your life. Do you perceive it?

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