In brief

Hello everyone,

Just a quick note from me. I have heard from some that my last post prompted a lot of questions or concerns about my vocation and willingness for seminary. As I mentioned in the post, I am still very serious about this and am not having second thoughts.

By “fake,” I did not mean that all along I have been duping you and that my faith is fake. My faith, assuredly, is very real. But, as in any process, as we continue we wish to progess. To get deep, I am craving a true sense of raw holiness and and even deeper love for the Lord that I know will only come with diligent prayer which I know will come when I get to seminary.

So, rest assured, I’m not having second thoughts or bowing out. Recent events have frustrated me and have brought into light and questioned the willingness of those from whom I look for guidance or a good example and, as in any case, this causes me to re-examine my own place and my own progress; my own faith and my own relationship with Lord. All of these things seem to be just fine.

Pray for me as I do for you.

In Christ,

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