It’s been a while…

so, alright fine. It’s been more than “a while.” It’s been almost two years since I’ve even touched this damn thing, but there’s just so much going on up inside this brain o’ mine that I feel needs to be let out before it just jumps out on its own. Perhaps that is a universal feeling? Or comes with age? Or maybe it’s just me…who knows.

But anyway, here it is: the (refurbished, refinished, redone, and redefined) Little Shop of Words. I only call it that because, at the time of creation, Little Shop of Horrors was open in iTunes, and I thought it was kind of clever.

With the first post, there are never any readers. Which is funny…because sometimes I wonder I write things for nobody else to read. But I think that with time that could change. (I should say: I HOPE it changes) Blogs are really very fascinating things, especially if you happen to fall upon one you find easy to connect with.

If you ask me, th inexperienced blogger in the room, a blog should be your place to put your thoughts and prove your universality; a place to prove that you, just like every single other person reading it, are human and live a life full of adventure and mistakes, love and war, joy and sorrw, and all of that other “universal” crap people talk about.

If, for some reason, there is someone still reading this far down the page, welcome into my brain. I’ll try not to spare much, save for the occasional terribly embarassing moment or something like that.

This is it…the Little Shop of Words. Anything can happen.

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