“Lord, Help Me”: Jesus and the Canannite Woman | 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

Click here the link to the autobiography/interview book with Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa I mention in the podcast.

And the moving section from Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word (Vol. 2) where Merikakis puts words on the heart of the Canaanite Woman:

“If you are indeed The Lord…and the all-powerful Lord of Love at that – as I am sure you are and as I shall never tire of repeating – then you must be the loving Lord of all, of the high and of the low, of the humanly included and the humanly excluded, the Lord of the big, well-fed sheep but also the Lord of the little scrawny dogs, the Lord of the chosen Jews but also the Lord of the benighted pagans, the Lord of all mankind past, present, and future, and of each needy person within it. What is it to me, my dear Lord Jesus, if I occupy a high place at your table or no place at all? What is it to me even to be relegated to licking the floor for crumbs so long as I exist anywhere under the roof of the house where dwell, where you rule and banquet as one absolute Lord, so long as I breathe the same air as you? No one, not even you, will ever dissuade me from the certainty that, if you are truly the Son of the one God, then you are the Lord of all, then you are my own personal Lord, too, and my rejoicing over it shall have no end.” (440)

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