Peter and the Transfiguration | Transfiguration 2023

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The quote from Merikakis’ commentary on Matthew, Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word (Vol. 2):

“The mention of the necessity of the Cross for the definitive glorification of Jesus…is now followed immediately by an event that instantaneously foreshortens the long wait until the Second Coming and manifests the present hidden glory of Jesus as Son of the Father. Eyes of faith can see glory shining forth from Jesus here and now. The event of the Transfiguration is essential for us to understand that life in Christ is about fullness of life now. Christianity is not a religion of the continual postponement of joy and delight, as some would like to caricature the Christian virtue of hope. The Transfiguration is the experience of the fullness of divine Presence, action, communication, and glory now, in our very midst, in this world of passingness and disappointment.” (549-551)

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