“Return to me, rebellious children,” says the Lord.


So seminarians and priests (and lots of other people, too) pray what the Church calls the Liturgy of the Hours out of a book called a breviary 5 times a day (Office of Readings, Morning Prayer, Daytime Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer). It is the prayer of the whole Church since, despite time and language differences, every breviary contains the same prayers. I could go into a lot more detail about this, but on to the real post….

Here’s a reflection from my journal:

The reading from Daytime Prayer this last Friday (Midday Prayer, April 4) was from Jeremiah, and ends with the verse, “Return to me, rebellious children,’ says the Lord.”

Lord, why don’t people flock to you by the millions each second of each day? Why aren’t the lines for Holy Communion hours long and spanning city blocks? Do many people hate you? Are you unloved? Maybe by some who don’t really know you. For most, I’d suspect that the reason is simple, but sad: not that we don’t love you, but that we love ourselves more.

The peace and promise of your son and his redemption, his purchase of heaven for us, his eradication of our sins by his blood, the promise of life – flourishment on earth and total friendship in eternity – how can these be denied or ignored?

It is hard for us, for me, to first admit that I am a rebellious child before being able to really give over my heart to you. It is hard to admit that I am fallen and sinful and weak. Jesus, my savior and perfect friend, do not let me forget the peace that comes with this difficult admission and never let me forget, even for a second, the promises offered to me that follow from it. I love you, Jesus, my king and best friend.


Easter’s almost here! Don’t let it pass by and leave you untransformed.



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