The Feast of Our Destiny | Assumption 2019

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the feast day of our destiny. Yes, we honor Mary on this day…but why? She isn’t God, she’s not divine. But her perfect fidelity to the plan of God for her and, it turns out, the plan of God for us through her deserves the highest praise. She is the light for us. In her assumption, her body and soul are united forever, and thus the completion of her entire person, every facet of her being, is achieved. She worships God day and night in the New Jerusalem in the fulness of her humanity, which has been transformed unto glory and she is now like God.

She is the first fruits. We imitate her fidelity, lowliness, and love for her Son because we believe that her path is our path, her destiny is our destiny.

Lord Jesus, bring us with you to the Father in the fullness of who you have created us to be.

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