“Tiniest Bread” | Eucharistic Poem

Here is the poem I shared at the end of my episode of Season 7 of Be Formed, which you can watch here!

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The poem:

What is it I am seeing
when I look there, at you
hidden so perfectly in tiniest bread? 

The better question is not what, but whom.
At whom do I gaze when I gaze there, at you,
disguised so cleverly in tiniest bread? 

You call me little,
but you, O King, are littler.
You spurned divine equality, without spurning a womb.
Yet you, O King, are littler. 

I call you ‘Master’ and ‘Lord’ and indeed you are.
You call me friend.
You are Mighty God and Prince of Peace.
You call me friend. 

Who am I that you care for me?
Or why do you keep me in mind? 

“I have known you and blessed you
since the day I created you.
Fear not little lamb.” 

“Come, my beloved,” you say unto me,
“let us go forth into the fields.
Arise my fair one and come away,
for I have made all darkness cease. 

“Come away with me, O fair one,
for today we catch the foxes. 

“Let us go, beloved,
to the dwelling of light
and meet the Father of the rain.” 

Now I know, O lover, who it is I am seeing
when I look there, at you
hidden so perfectly in tiniest bread. 

In half-light, as at evening;
in sadness that isn’t sad, and in joy that isn’t joy
he brings me to the lilies. 

And he breathes day into this meadow
and makes flee the shadows
and now I know who this: 

The King, the Lord, the Lover, the Friend
the Fulfillment and Sustenance 

Out of his sighs, too deep for words,
come whispers of love. 

He is here, at the center of the cosmos,
disguised so cleverly in tiniest bread. 

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