Tolle Lege | Homily for the Sunday of the Word of God

Listen to this week’s homily, focusing on the role of the Bible in the life of the Church and for some tips on how to read it!

“Through his revelation, therefore, the invisible God out of the abundance of HIs love speaks to all people as friends and lives among them, so that He may invite and take them into fellowship with himself.” Dei Verbum 2. Read the whole Apostolic Constitution Dei Verbum here:

3 Tips on Approaching the Bible:

  1. Unity of the Bible – it’s not a bunch of stories, but a single story being told over time and in various ways.
  2. Form vs. Content – “What’s in the Bible” vs. “What does the Bible teach?” The importance of exegesis, especially reading something according to its literary form.
  3. Christ Centered – scripture tells the story of the salvation of the human race in Jesus Christ. The Old Testament foreshadows the new, and the New Testament fulfills the old. They are inseparable!

I mentioned in the homily that it is a great joy for me to teach as an adjunct faculty at the University of St. Mary of the Lake – Mundelein Seminary in the Institute for Pastoral Leadership. More information about the Institute, and especially the Lay Leadership program, here:

Finally, a word from Bishop Barron on the Sunday of the Word of God:

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