175 Years in the Making | 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2021

This weekend in Naperville we celebrated the party 175 years in the making, “Homecoming Fest” at Ss. Peter and Paul. 175 years ago, in 1846, the first Catholic parish was officially founded in Naperville, starting a tradition that has continued strong ever since. Today there are 6 parishes in Naperville!

In the homily this weekend I pondered what a parish exists to do. What is the real work of a parish within its community? I was reminded of a question posed by one of my seminary professors: if you parish closed tomorrow, would anyone notice? Would there be a lack in the community? If the parish closed, what would close with it?

The prayer is that over these 175 years, thousands of souls have had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. The readings this weekend are about true religion…what is true religion? Rules and regulations? A new way of life?

Listen to the whole homily here:

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