Last night, I prayed…

Hey again…

So, I basically failed at my #postaday2011 challenge less than one day in but, hey, it is what it is I guess…better luck in the future.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what I prayed for last night. These past few days have just been full of absolute mumbo jumbo in the North Central world; sometimes I feel like I’m on top of everything and the next second nothing makes sense. From what I’ve heard, that’s apparently pretty normal for college kids…but I absolutely hate it. AND on top of that…the boys on Patterson 1 evidently thought it’d be h-i-larious to run up and down the halls yelling and wiggling door handles at 12:30am, so it was difficult to focus.

So today, I think I will discuss something sort of relevant in the prayer realm: selfish prayer.

I only call it “selfish prayer” because I think that a lot of people see it as such; some believe that it is wrong to pray for oneself. WHAT!?

For me, there are many days much like today where I feel like, in the toilet bowl of life, I am not the one doing the flushing. This feeling added to the daily college woes is straight up awful. But what does a person do? When life gets too hard to stand, kneel. It is not at all selfish to pray for one’s own self.

Don’t go overboard, obviously. “Dear God, give me everything. I want riches and lovers and all the good things in the world to come to me and me alone.”  <–Even God would appreciate such a funny joke like that.

When I pray for myself, especially lately, it has mostly been asking his forgiveness and pleading for the courage to go about my day. Each day I repeat these words, “Oh God, I want to want what you want.” Sometimes I forget that God is the man with the plan and there is nothing we can do to change it. I find it so helpful to just step back, and cast my doubts, worries, concerns, and prayers up to God because I know He (or someone in the Department of Prayer up in the Kingdom of Heaven, Inc.) knows how to deal with such things.

Sorry today was all over the place…that’s just sort of the nature of the day. I know that if I keep the faith and just keep chuggin’ along, things will be better tomorrow, in one way or another.

 In all things, remember that God is with you no matter where you go.
“You are not forgotten; you are never alone.”
-Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago

In Christ,

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  • loved the read man and it is so true! Its great to now that we can cast all our fears and worries to God and he will take care of it…tho its easily said than done but God is the provider and He always comes through