Awesome God.

Our God is, indeed, as the song says, an awesome God. Plain and simple.

Well then. I apologize for the incredible lack of posts lately. There’s not really any excuse for this other than, well, LIFE IS A BUSY PLACE. But as (hopefully) concious human beings, you’re well aware of that fact.

This past week was Week 6 here at The North Central, and there no was no shortage of activity around here. With the Week 5 Blizzard and Snow Day, it was time to play catch up on assignments and tests while also sticking to the schedules and moving forward; double duty, if you will.

On Monday, I fulfilled some duties as Character Counts! President by attending the District 308 Cyberbullying presentation, which was awesome and very informative. I am thinking about some ways that the Coalition could use that information and spread that word outside of Oswego.

Despite all of this being busy nonsense and homework and friends and everything else, it is nice to know that one thing will always be the same: God. God will never fail us and no matter what kind of mediocrity we are dealing with, isn’t is so comforting to know that God will still be that same all loving, all knowing being ready to stand by us, stand with us, and stand for us.

Today at the discernment group, we talked about different fears that young men have when they are discerning the priesthood. The most popular one is, of course, the fear of (dun dun dun) CELIBACY! WHAT MAN CAN LIVE THIS WAY!?
Priests can. duh.

The chief fear of our group, though, seemed to be the “poster fear;” The fear of becoming a public person and having your friends or loved ones doubt, question, or even turn against you. I would be lying if I said I had never thought of that. I’m sure that I’ve talked about this before; about the whole notion that one’s religious life comes into play only on Sundays and when we’re in trouble. The world has become a nasty game of Secular vs. Religious.

Scientists have given the seemingly more fun and more appealing secular, non-religious, side of things more steam and a greater influence over the world. I think it was a Time Magazine or CNN article that stated science had come so far and that God wasn’t really even needed anymore since we knew so much about life and the origins of the world and the universe that surrounds it.


Those people need to either double their dose or cut in half.

But seriously; Science has come so far and done much that we don’t need God? Jesus Christ DIED so we could continue to have human race and continue on toward the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus Christ DIED so those scientists could be born. Where do those people get off even THINKING the world could survive for .000000000000000000000000001 seconds without God the Father? It’s absolute insanity.

Now I’m not saying that all people who choose to let their secular lives outweigh their religious lives are all heathens who are going to burn. I’m only using that as an example to prove just how secular our world has become. This was a gradual change; over the last 100-150 years or so. In the 1800s, the Church (whatever denomination) was the center of the community. Everything revolved around it. Lives pretty much stopped on Sundays and daily mass was the norm. Today, however, it’s just the opposite. Churches are still popular places, but the parking lots are all but forsaken on the weekdays because God forbid, out of all the crazy things you could do, you would go to church on a day other than Sunday!

All sarcasm aside, I just really feel like the people who are doubting those discerning the priesthood are the ones who have some yearning or desire to God in greater depth but are afraid or turned off by the secular society in which we have come to live. It is much more appealing to stay at home and watch Criminal Minds eating a frozen dinner than drive 6 minutes to a church and go to Mass. I will admit that this is sometimes the case but, in the end, it is always worth it. I always encourage people at North Central to come to me if they have questions about God or if there is something that is keeping them from going to church.

I just want to get across to everyone how much I love God and how much I love Jesus Christ! There is nothing more fulfilling to me than to watch someone smile, and I mean TRULY smile, because they have just come to see Jesus and His Kingdom in a newer, positive light.

I think a lot of people WANT to make the jump and get back into going to church, but are afraid that the people there will somehow know they havent been going for awhile or still have a lot of questions. I don’t want to shock anyone, so make sure you’re sitting down when reading this, but THEY DO NOT OWN A CRYSTAL BALL; THEY DO NOT KNOW INSIDE YOUR BRAIN; Unless your write “I haven’t been here in a while, I have a lot of questions, please judge me and make me feel bad” across your forehead, most of the time you will be welcomed with open arms into the house of God. I have also heard from people that they stay away from church because the priest or a lay minister was rude to them. Shame on you! Just because someone at McDonald’s is rude to you, does that mean you will never eat at McDonald’s again? Doubtful. The best way to deal with rude people, especially at churches, is to just run them over with a steamroller of kindness.

So tonight as I enter into Week 7 with thoughts of changing my major,

I pray for everyone who is afraid to ask questions about God; that they may open up to someone in a church and rediscover the true glory of God and His Kingdom.

I pray for kids my age and younger, that they may see through the fakeness of this secular society and place a greater importance upon the Word and teachings of Jesus Christ.

I ask the Blessed Mother to pray for all mothers out there; my mom, my friend’s moms, and every mother that ever was and will be, that they will be guided by the Blessed Mother to raise their children in the Faith, and to never stop being a tabernacle of goodness, sweetness, and hope.

I pray, finally, for all men and women discerning the priesthood or religious life; that we may find the courage to take on God’s call and to show the world the true power and grace which he unconditionally offers to all.

Our Father, who art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses.
As we forgive those who trespass against us,
lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

Remeber, God loves YOU (yes, YOU!) and he is AWESOME.

In Christ,

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  • I really enjoyed this post Ryan, as I do all of your posts. Yet, I am certainly very interested to hear some of your thoughts on Religion and Christianity coexisting. One of my favorite teachers this year, Father Woods, really brought Christianity into a new light for me with this sort of coexistence. Anyway, keep doin’ what you do best. Best of luck. :]

  • Thanks Nicole! If you have questions, certainly ask them! As far as religion and Christianity coexisting, I have never really thought about that since Christianity is a religion. Do you mean the different religions within Christianity?

  • Haha opps. Sorry I think I meant science and Christianity coexisting. That’s what happens when you’re on the internet when it’s past your bed-time. Opps! I was thinking of that with the comment you made about science disproving the need for religion. Just wondering if you thought SCIENCE and religion could work together? :]

  • I absolutely think religion, namely Christianity, and science can work together. Because whatever science proves, we must take that one step farther into the past to see where whatever it was got its origins.

    For example, the Big Bang. Science tells us that this act created the Universe. I don’t know enough about science or the Big Bang to tell you whether or not that’s true. But here is what I do know: What caused the Big Bang? What caused what caused the Big Bang? What caused what caused what caused the Big Bang and so on…
    Everything has a long line of origin that can be traced to point where it is no longer explainable; that’s God. That’s religion. Nobody on this earth will ever know what God did before us or how he did what he did; all we know is that God did something (a lot of things, actually) to build his perfect Universe and make us here on Earth. What’s even nicer is that he did even more things (a lot more, actually) to make perfect his Kingdom of Heaven.
    I don’t know about most people, but I am totally fine with not knowing all of the answers to every little advancement because it’s none of my business to know what God is up to all of the time. I’m just thankful that he’s always up to something. Tell Science to disprove that. 😀