Don’t lose it.

Hi Friends. Sorry it’s been so long since a last post. Life tends to run away with us, sometimes, no? I’m not sure what the trick is on how to avoid that but, like everything in life, there is a trick out there.

Tonight, I’m gonna keep it brief: do not lose your faith; in anything, for anything, because of anything. do not lose your faith.

If you have questions to which there seem to be no answers, do not run away. keep asking, keep seeking. God tells us things on a need to know basis, and that’s all the answer we need.

Do not lose your faith in other people. Don’t one fallen tree distract from the beauty of the forest.

Pray for yourselves and others. Pray for clarity, ask God for focus and peace. He will respond quicker than you think.

Be diligent. Be aloof. Be alive.

Make the move you’ve been waiting to make. God will not send you where his grace cannot sustain you. In the words of Mother Theresa, “I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.”

Tonight I pray for you and for me. For the doers and dreamers. The movers, the shakers, and the music makers.

We are all seperate; through God and our faith, we are all one.

Hopefully we all get through…

In Christ,

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