If at first you don’t succeed…

Hello! Happy Week 9 to all North Centralians! We just have to finish out this week and next then it’s some finals and then spring break all the way, baby! Break time is near!!

For those that were wondering, I got hired as a Resident Assistant at North Central for next year, so that’s awesome. I’m very, very excited about it.

Into the good stuff. I’ve talked about a lot about faith and what I believe it means to have and keep the faith. I always try to stay as non-denominationally focused, but I think as I explore this great Catholic Canyon of Priesthood (clever, yeah?) even further, that’s becoming more and more difficult.

A lot of times, when things don’t go perfectly the first time or don’t seem like they are going to work out for the best I feel like just giving up. Sitting down, crackin’ open a nice cold can of Coca Cola, and calling it a day.That super appealing, right? Just let the hard stuff roll right past while we’re sitting with a Coke and a smile. I’m sure Jesus would have LOVED a Coca Cola while hanging on that cross.

Everyday the Lord gives me, I have to get up and go out to carry my cross. Sure, my cross might change from day to day, but I am carrying my cross and my burdens for Christ; I try to do so with the same awesome courage and vitality of Christ. It is, of course, not possible to anything near the same level of vigor and courage of Our Lord, but the whole concept here is that I have to try. I will get as much out of my Catholic faith as I put it; sometimes it’s not the institution that falls, it’s the people inside.

God doesn’t ask perfection. In fact, I don’t think he even wants us to be concerned with it since he teaches us that perfection will only come when we are fulfilled by God in the Kingdom of Heaven. God simply asks that we follow his commandments wholly and fully until the day He calls us home; he asks us to never give up hope in ourselves, our faith, and, most importantly, his saving grace.

The grace is something of which I often lose sight…and that’s the worst thing to lose sight of because it is the very thing that keeps us going; it is the very means by which you and I are saved by God through His infinite mercy day in and day out.

So will I be priest? I don’t know. I don’t own a crystal ball and I’m not God. Am I going to try? Absolutely.

Is my cross today heavy? Oh heck yeah. Am I going to drop it for a nice, cold soft drink? You’re outta your mind.

Go out and follow where He will lead; He will bring you home.

In Christ,
RA the RA

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