Stay out of the Cafe!

Just a quick thought here in the middle of the day…

I went to daily mass like usual yesterday and I had never had this particular priest before. He was on the older side, but there was still a fire in the furnace. Many of you have heard me say that my biggest pet peeve about Catholicism is that fact that many Catholics pick and choose what they accept and believe about the faith; I about lept for joy when this is what the priest started talking about in his homily.

He talked about James and John being asked by Jesus about drinking from the same cup from which he would drink. James and John wanted to sit at the right and left of Jesus in Heaven…dont we all? But to do that, we must not only talk the talk, we have to walk the walk. People that go through Catholicism picking and choosing the things the want to create a “custom” Catholic Faith as if they are walking through a lunch line are neither talking the talk nor walking the walk. These Cafeteria Catholics are missing out on several of the most important aspects of Catholicism…like the SACRAMENTS!

No matter what religion you profess, the ticket to Heaven lies almost solely in having the ability to talk the talk AND walk the walk. And, Catholics? Stay out of the Cafe!

In Christ,

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